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JJ Trochon

Heal differently
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Never has it been more important to turn fear into courage…
To transform uncertainty into commitment, and commitment into action.

We are currently in the grip of a global pandemic. Cancer is often going undiagnosed or untreated whilst the medical authorities battle against COVID-19. You cannot afford to sit back anxiously awaiting a hospital appointment.


Now is the time for action!

Join me on a virtual flight to better health!

There is a CAN in Cancer…
You CAN take control of your health.

Let me explain HOW!

I recently retired as an airline captain, flying that big beast (a.k.a. the Airbus 380) to exotic destinations around the world. Being a pilot was my lifelong passion, I was quite literally living my dream… until my 2003 kidney cancer diagnosis almost brought me crashing down to earth. But I was determined not to let the disease stop me from doing what I loved. I was determined to defeat cancer, even when the odds were stacked against me. Sure enough, one kidney lighter, I was back in the cockpit just a few months after my initial diagnosis. Despite further scares over the years, my cancer is now under control and I feel better than ever.


Since 2003, I have spent my spare time researching into alternative cancer treatments.
I now collaborate with some of the world’s leading medical professionals and researchers.
I was also the instigator of the ground-breaking conference Rethinking Cancer 2017 at Institut Gustave Roussy, Europe’s leading cancer centre.

My experience has led me to create CAPT. JJ’s ANTI-CANCER CHECKLIST, which is free to anyone who signs up for it, and to offer my advice during a personal takeoff briefing. Naturally, any advice that I give is based upon science originating from internationally respected clinicians and scientists, with whom I work directly.

I have made it my mission to share my knowledge with everyone who needs it.

That means YOU, if you’re


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