Are you worried this could be you?

Current cancer statistics show that one in two people will have cancer in the next ten years.

Does cancer run in your family, and you want to take preventative action? Or maybe you’ve had a recent scare and are anxious in case your luck runs out next time? Then let’s have a chat about it!


My personal experience with stage 4 kidney cancer has led me to want to share my knowledge.

I have dedicated many years to researching the latest scientific findings. And, not unlike flying a plane, I’ve found that teamwork is essential if you’re going to get safely off the ground.

That’s why I invite you to join me for a one-to-one ’takeoff briefing’.

I would love to share my knowledge with YOU, adapted to your personal situation. Let’s work together to ensure that you continue winging your way to even better health!


During our talk, you will discover how you can increase your chances of preventing cancer. We’ll discuss why it’s important to make the right nutritional choices, and we’ll create a ‘flight plan’ tailored specifically to your needs.

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Our one-to-one session is available in English and French

Pricing and how to book an appointment.



1 – You contact me via email to set up your individual briefing, outlining your current situation. Please provide a telephone number so that I can call you to arrange a suitable date/time for our briefing.


2 – On the agreed date, I will send you a Zoom link (my preference) or else call you directly via FaceTime or WhatsApp.

“Good health and good sense are two great blessings.”

Latin Proverbs

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