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Thank you

5 small letters to express deep gratitude. Jean Jacques is one of the people that life presents the chance to meet …. during the difficult moments of treatment against my brain tumour, his attentiveness and advice were really beneficial, and gave me other perspectives of LIFE.

An introduction to another way of life to put all the chances on my side and, above all, to remain optimistic.


Julien A., Toulouse – France

I can never thank him enough ...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer grade 3 HER2 +++ I immediately decided to make a documentary to talk about my journey, and about cancer and diet.

Magali, the nutritionist who accompanies me, redirected me to Jean Jacques when I told her I was looking for testimonials from patients. JJ immediately accepted not only to testify but also to accompany me in my management of the side effects of the disease: fatigue and the immune system.

I can never thank him enough … he was always available, ready to listen, and helped me through this difficult period! He also put me in touch with women and men who were going through the same thing as me. He is a generous man and a natural link for all the people around him! One thousand thanks, Jean-Jacques.

Naïma R, Lille – France


Remember! March 2019, after the diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to the liver and lymph nodes… in synergy with chemotherapy, I followed with great rigour, the four pillars you mention in your magnificent book, Flying Against the Odds.

The results were not long in coming… After three months, a virtually total regression of the tumour and the metastases… After six months, complete regression on imaging.

What began as palliative chemotherapy became a hope of cure, indeed I obtained a complete remission for nine months. Colon surgery, which was not possible at first, became a reality thanks to this remission. The risk of occlusion is now remote.

…I don’t have many doubts, we are winning battles, precious time that allows me to live exceptional moments, enjoy life and hope for an even longer remission.

I tell you and repeat it to you, a true rebirth! From now on I will never let my guard down again. I will continue the four pillars of your protocol, regular fasting for eight to ten days a month, phycocyanin, ketogenic diet and anti-angiogenic foods…

Jacques B., Bordeaux – France

An absolute miracle!

My name is Laurence Bertin, I am 60 years old. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer with involvement in the lymph node. After an operation and six sessions of chemotherapy, I am doing very well today; really well! Throughout this period I have been lucky enough not to experience any side effects and I can never thank Jean-Jacques enough for this. He introduced me to the beneficial effects of fasting combined with a molecule that was unknown to me at the time: phycocyanin: an absolute miracle! I strongly advise you to listen to his recommendations and I hope that they will be as beneficial to you as they were to me! I wish you a lot of courage!

Laurence B., Switzerland

A patient-expert

I came across Jean-Jacques’ astonishing trajectory during a congress organised by the ‘Fédération Francophone de Jeûne et Randonnée’ (French Federation of Fasting and Hiking) in Paris in January 2018. As a doctor, I was already interested in the therapeutic possibilities of fasting and, after hearing the fascinating summary of our colleague Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, I listened with great curiosity to this man’s personal fight against cancer. While ‘academic’ medicine considers him to be a lost cause, he combines periodic fasts with a ketogenic diet and food supplements to pursue a life increasingly devoted to communicating his discoveries, especially to the doctors who treat him!

Quite naturally, he set out to encounter the pioneers of biological and medical research, William Li, Laurence Zitvogel and Bernard Escudier, Mark Mattson and Valter Longo, none of whom had prior connections to him: they have become partners and contribute to the advancement of knowledge of the nutritional mechanisms of cancer, as if Jean-Jacques was simply the leaven that science was waiting for in order to rise.

I have learned a lot from Jean-Jacques, through e-mail exchanges but also through meetings, in the CREGG Forums or at the ‘Fasting, the Switch of Life’ Congress in Überlingen in June 2019. And the need to make the medical profession aware of the possibilities of fasting has emerged, both luminous and evident. The birth of the Medical Academy of Fasting owes much to him. Jean-Jacques is a ‘patient-expert’ to whom many doctors should pay attention, even if it means questioning some convictions.

Doctor Jacques Rouillier

Doctor and founder of the ‘Académie Médicale du Jeûne’

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